The beginning of advocacy starts with asking the right questions and giving space for residents can voice their concerns. But knowing what to ask, having the skills to make decisions, and fortitude to follow through is what leadership is all about. My track record in the downtown shows that I embody the qualities of a leader and feel that we are in need of a fresh perspective to move forward in our schools.



We have such a diverse community across Windsor-Essex county in both cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. In order to ensure success for all, we need to apply a lens that tailors the educational experience that is right for each student, in each neighbourhood. My experience in the downtown informs this lens through the various relationships that I’ve built, and I would like to continue these conversations in the context of education.


Evidence-based Decision-making:

We need decision-makers who will look at research and best practices to determine what is best for students in our area. My research and educational background has given me the skills to think critically about how to ask the right questions and get results for the issues concerning us in the present and future. I believe this approach is foundational to creating good policies that support families across Windsor-Essex.